Susu Alesandra (アレサンドラ・スース Aresandora Sūzu) is a core member of Nanastar.


  • Age : 14 
  • Birthday : October 17th (Libra)
  • Bloodtype : B
  • Height/Weight : 161cm/47kg
  • 3 Sizes : 85-53-80
  • Character Voice : Saori Onishi
  • Nickname : Sue
  • Interests : Ballet, collecting perfumes, going to the beach
  • Fun Fact : She hails from America!
  • Attribute : DANCE


A 14-year old girl that likes to behave as an attractive blonde-haired beauty. She is very good at Japanese, but occasionally slips some English in. Even though she's only 14, she has the style of a model. She sometimes cries at night because she misses her hometown. Her hobbies are ballet and collecting perfume.

List Of Cards Edit

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  • As a member of 777☆SISTERS, her image color is LIGHT PURPLE.
  • She is the first foreign exchange student you meet in the game.