The BATTLE LIVE is an event that you will encounter in Tokyo 7th Sisters.

How The Event WorksEdit

The BATTLE LIVE is an event where you battle real players from all over that world in real time to score points and 'Voltage'.

Your 'Voltage' depends on your win loss record. Whenever you win, your Voltage will go up, if you lose, it may stay the same, or go down by 5. There is a special ranking system for Voltage which will be explained below.

Just like a Live Stage event, you earn points by playing songs, however, the songs will be randomly picked out. You'll have 25 seconds to choose your team and 25 seconds to get ready to battle. Both players will perform the song at the same time, and which ever player has the higher score wins the round.

Despite this, there are a couple of things to look out for :

  1. Hijackers : These are AI opponents. They are very hard to beat. On the brighter hand they can only use 1 star, meaning that if you are fully loaded with the right team, you are set to go. You will win more points if you are hijacked.
  2. Holorium : These are what you use to play. Use these wisely as you only have 3 of these and they re-charge one third per hour. Just like Microphones, and Donuts/Drinks, you can also buy Full Holorium which immediately recharges your set for 100 7th Coins per set. Another thing to note is that 1 Star = Score x 1, 2 Stars = Score x 1.5, and 3 stars equals Score x 2.

Voltage RankingsEdit

Here are the Voltage Rankings:

Rank 1-50 : 2 Golden Coneys, 3 Ex. Size Sweets

Rank 51-300 : 2 Golden Coneys, 2 Ex. Size Sweets

Rank 301-500 : 1 Golden Coney, 2 Ex. Size Sweets

Rank 501-1500 : 2 Silver Coneys, 1 Ex. Size Sweets

Rank 1501-5000 : 2 Silver Coneys, 2 L Size Sweets

Rank 5001-10000 : 1 Silver Coney, 2 L Size Sweets  

Rank 10001-20000 : Charisma Donut (Half), 1 Large Size Sweet

Rank 20001-350000 : Charisma Donut (Half), 2 Medium Size Sweets

Tips On The EventEdit

  • You can choose any difficulty you want. It will not matter what difficulty it is, you will still get the same amount of points after.
  • Just like with any event, DO NOT WASTE THE POWER UPS OR 7TH COINS.
  • If the opponent is very easy, try only using one star, unless if they have 3 stars, then keep your guard up.
  • Once you start the battle you cannot stop it, so if you are doing bad, keep your hopes up and wing it.
  • If you do happen to have more than 1 Holorium and you are hijacked, use all that you have. It is completely impossible to beat a Hijacker on 1 star.