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Coney Rokusaki (六咲コニー Rokusaki Konī) is the manager of Nanastar.


  • Age : 19
  • Birthday : July 7th (Cancer)
  • Bloodtype : O
  • Height/Weight : 159cm/45kg
  • 3 Sizes : 85-56-79
  • Character Voice : Inori Minase
  • Nickname : Germanese
  • Interests : Friends, donuts, management.
  • Fun Fact : She freely sees her favourite dreams.
  • Attribute : MANAGER


One day suddenly, the girl of the self-proclaimed "The talented" was introduced as a manager from the first manager. It's always a transcendence high tension, but it's full of compassion and a good adviser to the Nanastar's sisters candidates. But after all trouble maker. There seems to be some serious secret...?

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  • Coney Rokusaki can possibly be (if not, is) the actual Nicole Nanasaki. There is much evidence to support this.
    • Coney and Nicole both share the same eye color and skin tone.
    • Their hair colors are only opposites (Coney's is pink and aqua highlights, nicole is aqua with pink highlights).
    • They share the exact same birthday (July 7th), and Nicole would in fact have been 19 two years after the 7th Sisters' disbandment.
    • They have the exact same height, almost the exact same weight, and almost the exact same BHW sizes.
    • They share the same hobbies.
    • In one card, Nicole is wearing red glasses, of which are identical to those Coney wears on a regular basis.
    • The game description says that Coney is hiding something, her real identity as Nicole Nanasaki is most likely the case.
    • Coney's name (コニー) is almost an anagram of Nicole (ニコル).
    • The only person who would be willing to revive idol popularity after it died would've been someone with actual experience.
    • In the 7th Sisters' final show, one fan called Nicole "Coney", as in the form of a nickname.
  • While Coney does have cards, some are unusable since they have a very high CP, 999. This would be impossible to put into a group unless if you were to only upgrade your CP for the entire game.
    • Another thing is that, other than for leveling up others greatly, those cards are completely useless when it comes to ATK and HP. All of each are 0.
    • Coney does have a pair of cards including a Swimsuit Coney and Robo Coney that are usable though, and can be obtained by scouting in the Tokyo 7th City District.