In Tokyo 7th Sisters, there is a gacha where you can always get idols from auditions.

Types Of AuditionsEdit

Nanastar Scout CarnavanEdit

This gacha will require Friend Points. You earn these by:

  • Participating in events.
  • Maxing the bond of an idolized Bronze card (500), or any unidolized card (300-2000).
  • Collecting them in Fever! Mode by going to the scouting areas.

Each idol will cost 200 Friend Points. The maximum that you can spend is 2000 Friend Points for 10 idols.

The idols you get here will only be their basic card. However, you can rarely get a Silver card in the audition.

7th AuditionEdit

This gacha can be used with 7th Tickets (1 per idol) or 500/5000 7th coins (1 for 500, 11 for 5000).

You can obtain these items by:

  • Participating in events (7th Tickets).
  • Defeating Legendary Bosses (7th Tickets).
  • Completing missions in Live Stage mode (7th Coins).
  • Maxing the bond of idolized S, G, or P cards (7th Coins).
  • Recieving them as special campaign daily gifts (BOTH).

Instead of the Nanastar Scout Carnavan, you can obtain any card with a rarity of S or higher from anyone, including the 7th Sisters' Platinum cards, and your Rivals' cards. The chance of getting a S Card is 94%, the chance of getting a G Card is 5%, and the chance of getting a platinum card is 1%.

SPECIAL 7th AuditionEdit

This gacha can be used with Special 7th Tickers.

You can obtain these by:

  • Participating in events, as well as earning them as a prize reward.
  • Recieving them as special campaign daily gifts.

You can obtain any G Card out of 5 randomly selected of each attribute. However, the catch is that you need 7 of these in order to get a G Card.