Makoto Tamasaka (玉坂マコト Tamasaka Makoto) is a member of NANASTAR.  


  • Age : 14
  • Birthday : March 14th (Pisces)
  • Bloodtype : B
  • Height/Weight :156cm/43kg
  • Three Sizes : 75-53-77
  • Insterests : Hanicrafting, cats, boxed lunch making
  • Fun Fact : She calls the producer "big brother", rather than "manager".
  • Attribute : VOCAL


A 14-year girl who isn't good at dealing with boys. She's cold and unsociable at first, but after she starts calling the producer her "big brother," she does everything she can to try to win his heart. She seems to have some very passionate fans.

Trivia Edit

  • Because of her 'creepy' aura, most fans have made fanart depicting her as a murderous yandere.
  • In one of her cards, her ATK and HP are equal to each other (4300 = 4300).

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