Mimi Futagawa

Mimi Futagawa (二川ミミ) is a member of NANASTAR.

Traits Edit

  • Age : 20
  • Birthday : October 15 (Libra)
  • Blood type : B
  • Height/Weight : 166cm/51kg
  • 3 Sizes : 87-58-89
  • Interests : Domestic traveling, going on drives
  • Fun Fact : She loves driving her car but she is terrible at driving.
  • Attribute : VARIETY SHOW.

Biography Edit

A very mature 20-year old girl, which is rare for NANASTAR. She is lively and challenges everything head-on. She likes to take her beloved car on drives during her days off. Even though her hobby is going on drives, she isn't good at driving.

List Of Cards Edit

To see Mimi Futagawa's cards, click here.

Trivia Edit

  • Her talent is forgetting people's birthdays.

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