Mito Hanyuda (羽生田ミト Hanyuuda Mito) is a member of The 7th Sisters. 


  • Age : 17 (19 in present day, 15 in 2030)
  • Birthday : October 31st (Scorpio)
  • Bloodtype : A
  • Height/Weight : 158cm/43kg
  • 3 Sizes : 80-55-76
  • Interests : Singing, tofu
  • Fun Fact : She is also heavy sleeper in order to save energy for singing.
  • Attribute : NO TYPE ➝ VOCAL


A member of the 7th Sisters, nicknamed "The Unsmiling Songstress of Ice". Her beautiful voice is renowned throughout the world. She doesn't want to waste energy on things other than singing, so she usually remains expressionless. It seems that she has known Nanasaki Nicole since kindergarten. Her favourite food is tofu.


  • She is also nicknamed "Royal Highness Hamii".
  • Mito had grown her hair out by the time the 7th Sisters disbanded. It was short back in 2030, when they debuted.

    Mito's short hair, in a teaser picture.

  • While said to never smile, in the Tokyo 7th SIsters OP, she smiles very slightly. Here is a photo for an example.
  • As a member of the 7th Sisters, her image color is DEEP INDIGO, and her symbol is a crescent moon (🌙).

Cards Edit

View Mito Hanyuda's cards here

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