Momoka Serizawa (芹沢モモカ  Serizawa Momoka) is a core member of  Nanastar.  


  • Age : 15
  • Birthday  : Januray 1st  (Capricorn)
  • Bloodtype : AB
  • Height/Weight : 144cm/37kg
  • 3 Sizes : 78-53-78
  • Character Voice: Shiori Izawa
  • Interests : Tubax Style Sommeliere, anime, Choobucks
  • Fun Fact : She is very passionate about anime.
  • Attribute :  VARIETY SHOW


A first year high school student. She was spoiled as a child so now she's lazy and selfish. Her favourite phrase is "Ehh..." which basically indicates a lack of interest in anything. On the other hand, she is a passionate anime fan and becomes oddly enthusiastic when talking about it.


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  • As a member of  777☆SISTERS,  her  image color is  EMERALD GREEN.
    • In WITCH NUMBER 4 as the Witch of Forest, her stage name is 100Ka, where her image color is kept as EMERALD GREEN.
  • She is highly similar to Im@s Cinderella Girls' Anzu Futaba. to the point that she may have been inspired off of her.
  • She is one of 5 characters to have the same day and month number in her birthday (1/1). Others include Hime Nonohara, Sui Kamishiro, Nicole Nanasaki, and Memoru Yusa.