PANIC-TUNE is a Live feature in Tokyo 7th Sisters. This feature is meant to make gameplay more challenging and harder to play.

How It WorksEdit

In EventsEdit

PANIC TUNE is a feauture  that is exclusive to the Try The New Tune event. After you choose the song of your choice, you are then taken to a roulette wheel, which will display multiple settings, including a "Normal" mode, and the actual event song. Once the wheel stops, you play with the setting that it lands on. At this point, you cannot go back past the wheel, and you have to play the song.

In Regular Live StagesEdit

Shortly after the debut of Try The New Tune, the mode was brought over to regular lives. The only difference is there will be 2 random settings available every two weeks. You can either pick one of the two or play normally. For newly added songs, you need to play the song on any difficulty to unlock the options. Usually, playing the song on Hard will unlock all 3 at once.


As of the 4.0.0 update (March 23rd, 2017), BIG HALL LIVE was added into the game. There are 6 modes that you can play, which in turn will give you prizes the more songs you complete. All songs are in hard mode when you play BIG HALL LIVE.