The PerforMatch event is an event that you will encounter in Tokyo 7th Sisters.

How The Event WorksEdit

Unlike the rest of the events, PerforMatch events officially begin a few hours after maitenence. Once those hours are up, choose an Attribute Team you wish to play for. You get 5 options, Vocalist, Dancer, Variety Idol, Model, and Player. The next thing you do is make up a unit of 9 idols to use in your matches. These can be arranged later on.

You will be given a full 6 P-Engery to start. It will take 1 to take on another player. Once you start, you can choose from a list of opponents from other teams to challenge. Once you choose your opponent, the match is set to a Best Of 3 system. Whoever makes it to 2 wins first, wins that match. A round win is indicated by a star on your board. Your winning streak will be recorded if you manage to keep it up. but a loss will ultimately break that streak. If you win a match, more damage goes to the opposing player's team, and more points go to your own team, and vice versa. The teams also have a ranking in this event, and as your team ranks higher of the 5, your prize is even bigger.

Other Things That You Can Use Are :

  • Point-Up Speakers : These will bring your points up by around 1.5x the regular score.
  • See Through Coneys : These Coneys will let you see what idols your opponent has chosen for a round.


100 Points : 400 Friend Points

200 Points : 5000 Gold

500 Points : Bronze Coney

1,000 Points : 600 Friend Points

2,000 Points : 5 See-Through Coneys

3,000 Points : 6000 Gold

4,000 Points : Bronze Coney

5,000 Points : 1000 Friend Points

7,500 Points : 1/2 P-Energy Refill (x1)

10,000 Points : Silver Card Of Featured Idol

12,500 Points : 7000 Gold

15,000 Points : Silver COney

17,500 Points : 2000 Friend Points

20,000 Points : Silver Card Of Featured Idol

22,500 Points : 8000 Gold

25,000 Points : 1/2 P-Energy Refill

30,000 Points : Audition Ticket

35,000 Points : 10000 Gold

40,000 Points : 1 Event Gold Card

50,000 Points : 5 See Through Coneys

60,000 Points : 20,000 Gold

70,000 Points : Golden Coney

85,000 Points : 35,000 Gold

100,000 Points : Special Audition Ticket

120,200 Points : 50,000 Gold

140,000 Points : Audition Tickets

160,000 Points : Silver Coney

180,000 Points : 75,000 Gold

200,000 Points : Golden Coney

250,000 Points : 100,000 Gold

300,000 Points : Golden Coney

400,000 Points : Special Audition Ticket

600,000 Points : Golden Coney

1,000,000 Points : Golden Coney

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