The Raid Event is a type of event that you will encounter in Tokyo 7th Sisters.

How The Event WorksEdit

A player can participate by going to the scouting areas and tapping on a special blue microphone icon that will take them to a new scouting area. Here, EXP is doubled. Along the way, several bosses will appear. In order to gain points, you must defeat these bosses within an hour.

There are two ways to battle. 1 is to regular battle and use charisma points, it will be a regular legendary boss battle. However, there are microphones that you can use to incease your chances of winning 4 fold. You earn more points this way.

Ranking SystemEdit

This ranking system give out much more compared to the other two events :

  • Rank 150-1 : 2 Gold Cards, 3 Special Audition Tickets, 2 G Coneys, 3 Sweets (Ex. Size)
  • TBC

Tips On The EventEdit

  • If you feel as if you are not ready to participate yet, do not do it. Wait until you are comfortable to start participating in these at a point when you think you are at a bigger point of power. This battle consumes both Stamina Points and Charisma Points.
  • Just like the Live Stage Event, DO NOT WASTE THE MICROPHONES. They can potentially be vitally important for the rest of the event.
  • And same thing again, DO NOT TRY TO USE 7TH COINS FOR SCOUTING IF YOU ARE DOING THIS. This could potentially mess you up just like the live stage event, but worse.


  • The event is currently being renewed, but it will still be a raid event.