Shinju Harumi (晴海シンジュ Harumi Shinjyu) is a core member of Nanastar. 


  • Age : 10
  • Birthday : August 28th (Virgo)
  • Bloodtype : A
  • Height/Weight : 134cm/32kg
  • 3 Sizes : 71-48-70
  • Character Voice : Yūki Kuwabara
  • Nickname : Shi
  • Interests : Accounting, collecting frog goods
  • Fun Fact : She is a lot more mature than most girls her age.


The 10-year old third daughter of the family-run fish market, Uoharu. Her attitude and tone of voice are unbelievably mature and realistic considering her appearance. But the truth is that whenever she tries to act childishly, her sense of reality gets in the way and so she is overly conscious of herself.

List Of CardsEdit

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  • As a member of 777☆SISTERS, her image color is DEEP INDIGO.
    • As a member of Sanpon Ribbon, her image color is YELLOW.