Shirayuki Arisu (有栖シラユキ Arisu Shirayuki) is a member of NANASTAR. 


  • Age : 7
  • Birthday : December 11th (Sagittarius)
  • Bloodtype : A
  • HeightWeight/132cm/33kg
  • 3 sizes : 70-49-78
  • Interests : Apples, sunny days, fairytales
  • Fun Fact : She has incorporated fairytale clothes into her normal fashion.
  • Attribute : MODEL


A little girl from Tohoku who wants to become a "gorgeous woman." She is skilled at piano, which she has been learning since kindergarten. She wears fairytale-like clothes even in daily life, and for some reason she finds that normal.


  • She is youngest idol in the entire game, and is one of 3 idols who is still in elementary school (along with Manon Hoshigaki, who is in second grade, and Shinju Harumi, who is in fourth grade).
    • Shirayuki is in first grade.
  • Shirayuki (白雪) means white snow in japanese.
    • If you switch the words around you get 'Snow White', one of the most well known fairytales of all time. This coincidentally plays on Shirayuki's love for fairy tales.