Sisala Kawasumi (川澄シサラ Kawasumi Sisala) is a member of NANASTAR. 


  • Age : 18
  • Birthday : June 29th (Cancer)
  • Bloodtype : A
  • Height/Weight :168cm/48kg
  • 3 Sizes : 80-56-83
  • Interests : Sleeping, going to the cafe
  • Fun Fact : She was elected Tokyo 7th Cinderella Girl in 2033.
  • Attribute : MODEL


A beautiful 18-year old girl who was chosen amongst over 20,000 entrants to be the Tokyo 7th Cinderella Girl 2033. People say she's currently the closest to becoming a successor to the Seventh Sisters, but it doesn't seem like she has any interest in idols herself.

List Of Cards Edit

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  • Sisala is voced by Rie Suegara, who is also known for voicing Fuka Toyokawa in another idol game, The Idolm@ster: Million Live.