Sui Kamishiro (神城スイ Kamishiro Sui) is a core member of Nanastar.


  • Age: 16
  • Birthday : 2/22 (Pisces)
  • Bloodtype : B
  • Height/Weight : 156cm/46kg
  • 3 Sizes : 81-66-80
  • Interests : Swimming, marathon running
  • Fun Fact : She is allergic to boys.
  • Attribute : DANCE


Just the usual tomboy... or so you'd think, but she's actually a swimmer who is dangerously allergic to boys. When one touches her, she unconsciously lunges a fist at him, so no boys are willing to approach her anymore. Hime and Musubi try to solve the mystery of her allergy...

List Of Cards Edit

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  • As a member of  777☆SISTERS, her image color is BLUE.
  • She is one of 5 characters to have the same day and month number in her birthday (2/22). Others include Momoka Serizawa, Hime Nonohara, Nicole Nanasaki, and Memoru Yusa.
  • Sui unconsciously lunges a fist at him Same Chocola Meilleure common catchphrase of "I'll whup your butt!".