Sumire Usuta (臼田スミレ Usuta Sumire) is a core member of Nanastar. 


  • Age : 17
  • Birthday : September 8th (Virgo)
  • Bloodtype : O
  • Height/Weight : 160cm/45kg
  • 3 Sizes : 84-53-75
  • Interests : Cooking, Karaoke, melon soda
  • Fun Fact : She's gentler than you think.
  • Attribute : MODEL


A 17-year old girl who grew up in an ordinary family and now seems overly glamourous. However despite her appearance and tone of voice, she's actually a gentle girl who loves to cook. After living her ordinary days, she begins to change a bit upon meeting the managers and members of Nanastar.

List Of Cards Edit

To see Sumire Usuta's cards, click here.


  • As a member of 777☆SISTERS, her image color is PINK.
  • She is the only member of SiSH to not take part in the Xmas White group. She was in the Xmas Green Group with Haru Kasukabe and Shinju Harumi.

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