The Things She Loved' is a special album released at Comiket 88. 

The Album Art For 'The Things She Loved'


The album will include 18 tracks. All of the songs are BGM from the game.

  1. Star☆Glitter[Original Instrumental]
  2. What's up 7th?
  3. 第七新東京区の朝 (Trans: The Morning Wake Of The New Tokyo District)
  4. A.D.2034
  5. MAjI-De-SukOtO!?
  6. いつか並べた紐靴 (Itsuka Narabeta Himokutsu)
  7. 見えない青空 (Mienai Aozora)
  9. No.9
  10. Drive Pit In
  11. like a INTERSTELLAR
  12. 私は独り、夕暮れを眺めます (Rom: Watashi wa Hitori, Yūgure o Nagamemasu)
  13. 不穏な空気 (Rom: Fuon'na Kūki)
  14. ここにいる意味 (Rom: Koko ni Iru Imi)
  15. 想い (Rom: Omoi)
  16. もう誰もあなたを笑っていない (Rom: Mō Dare Mo Anata o Waratte Inai)
  17. 永久の一瞬 [Star☆Glitter-Original Piano Arrange]
  18. ハッピーエンド☆Ver.DAZU (Rom: Happīendo☆)


  • This is the 2nd album alongside Bokura wo Aozora ni Naru/FUNBARE☆RUNNER to have intstrumentals.
  • This is the first album to have a special remix of a song, being  Star☆Glitter's piano arrangement.
    • ​This also makes this album the first to include a song more than once.
  • ​This has the most songs on an album, beating H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M by 7 songs.
  • Star☆Glitter's Piano Arrange is actually played at half the BPM. If you were to double the speed it, will play the beginning of the song, most of it is used in the opening theme at the beginning of the game.
    • It is only missing the opening instrumental and the final part of the song, "ai ni iku yo".
  • Here is where each track is put in the game ):
  1. 1 is the loading screen after maitenence as well as the music in the beginning menu.
  2. 2 is the results screen menu after solo stages and battles, as well as the music in the main menu (Home).
  3. 3 is half of the music in the scouting areas.
  4. 4 is the other half of the music in the scouting areas.
  5. 5 is occasionaly put in story chapters when a comedic or panicky event takes place.
  6. 6 is occasionaly put in story chapters when an emotional event takes place.
  7. 7 is occasionaly put in story chapters when struggle takes place (is also aligned with a crow noise in the game.)
  8. 8 is when you battle against regular opponents in games.
  9. 9 is when you battle against players in the game.
  10. 10 is the theme music for BATTLE LIVE.
  11. 11 is when you battle legendary bosses in the game, these include all non-Nanastar members.
  12. 12 - 18 are included in story chapters occasionaly.