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  • Kht48

    Hey guys! Today, to make up for my missing Update Review (Because I'm Moving, oh and P.S. I loved last week without a doubt), I decided to make a Live Song Review, where my opinion comes right after listening. Here we go!

    This is where I give my final thoughts before I play the preview. 

    To be honest, by the looks of it alone, I love this way more than what WN4 had. The entire style is new and fresh, and the song style that comes of it looks promising. I was more anticipated for this than WN4 just from the looks, and I cannot wait to here it now!


    HOLY SMOKES THIS IS AMAZING ALREADY. It sounds cool and sexy and it looks cool and sexy, which are the prime points for Musubi and Susu respectively. This song was also able to balanc…

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  • Kht48

    Update Review Ep.5 : -*O*-

    April 10, 2016 by Kht48

    Welxome to another episode of Update Review! From here on the reviews will be on Sundays, when I have time.

    • Sawara's P Card!

    In Sawara's P Card, she is trying out the infamous Yakisoba costume! And once she is idolized she joins the rest of 777*SISTERS in 777*STARS! To be honest, Sawara looks very good in that costume, way better than Musubi does 100%, not that I hold anything against Musubi.

    • Manon Lives Her Dream!

    In Manon's G Card, she is seen with a gold encrusted toy sword! Once she is idolized, she gets to live her dream as a magical girl, within the theme of the sakura period of the year (April)! She is so cute as a magical girl!! She looks even CUTER in PINK!!! AHHHH!!!

    • Ferb and Withdrawal Syndrome?!?!

    In Ferbs's G Card, she is oggling at…

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  • Kht48

    Welcome to another episode of Update Review!!

    First, I would like to apologize for missing an episode last week, but here is 4 words to sum up my opinion :

    GREAT.... Until it passed.

    Ahhh, now that last week's lesson teaching week went by (don't judge a book by its cover), let's get to this week!

    • Not from who you think it is....

    It's the PRODUCER!! Of course, this is an April Fools CD, but come on, I think we should all give this guy a chance here! IDOLM@STER did it so well a few years ago, I'm sure this shouldn't be bad. [Migratory Bird] releases April 1st!!

    • Makoto embraces the cherry blossoms!

    In the gacha card of the week, we have Makoto standing in a swirl of cherry blossoms! As she idolizes, she joins Sisala in a sakura festival! I like this…

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  • Kht48

    Welcome shihainins to another review!

    • Rui's SH Card!
      • Yet again is another P Card for Seventh Haven, this time it's Rui! Staring into the light, and then being in the light! I personally found her VERY GOOD LOOKING in BOTH of these cards. She looks awesome!!! If I were to pick any card out of the 3 released right now, based on looks alone, I'd pick her.

    • Momoka.... Sleeping?
      • This is the Performatch Event G Card! Momoka is our next idol released for LoverXLover! She is instantly awakened once she idolizes! :3 I know this is another low ATK card, but at the same time, I still really like it. I like hers with a low ATK more than Rona's because it fits her kind of character. She is meant to be the Anzu-esque, sleepy, lazy, sweets loving girl who wou…

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  • Kht48

    Welcome shihainins to another Update Review!

    • Jedah Attempts Origami!
      • I... can relate, XD. Our G Card is Jedah attempting origami! Then we see her in cowboy attire for her fabulous GS Card! I, seriously, yes, I first said this, without even knowing it was cowboy attire thought MJ. The pose was what set it off for me. I like this card, it's just like any other Jedah card, Bold And Beautiful!

    • Rona Grows Brave!
      • Oh my god, here we go!! Here we have Rona finally up for the stage, filled with determination. And our GS Card shows Rona's LoverxLover Outfit! Sadly, the ATK is much lower than I thought, but it's actually manageable, I can certainly do something with it, unlike Honoka. ALso, her story had really brought me to inside tears. that was so hea…

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