Man this thing hasn't been touched in a long time....

Anyways! I have been thinking of this for a long time where I break out my guesses for the cards of each update! So here we go!

Theme :

Now with this, I have 2 ideas :

  1. Winter Princess
  2. New Years!

Obviously, since it is the last week, before 2016 comes, New Years will definitely be the main point of these new updates! Winter Princess will definitely wait until a few weeks after.

Idols :

Judging by who has been round recently and who hasn't I can safely start off with these girls:

  • Mimi Futagawa
  • Ferb Seto
  • Kazumi Katsuragi
  • Maezono Risyuri
  • Yumeno Sakaiya
  • Tasha Romanovsky
  • Sawori Yamai
  • Monaka Kumomaki
  • Miu Aihara
  • Hung Fei Xiao
  • Chacha Ootori
  • Echizen Murasaki
  • Shirayuki Arisu

I am definitely going to say Tasha is in this set, and this can go in 2 separate ways.

  1. She along with Xiao Fei Hung and possibly Jedah too if they so include can have a foreigners New Years set.
  2. She along with Yumeno and Shirayuki. Yeah, I just made that a possiblity.

Those 5 are definitely in this set in my opinion.

So there, this is an extremely simple blog that will show my guess for every card of the week, Platinums will not be guessed, though, that'd be too hard for me...

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