These are my thoughts on the upcoming SAKURA event next week.


It will definitely be a solo stage event. That means you earn more points by clearing songs, it does not matter which song you play. I say this because we already have a raid event right now, and we had a Battle Live for Honoka last week.

Who Will Be The Main Character?

First off, it is definitely not Haru. She was already in an event late July for Bokura wo Aozaora ni Naru. Clearly, it would'nt be that fun to compete for the same idol again that fast.

Also, seeing how Hime was in another recent event too, it's not bright for her. However, I would like it if she was because her card will be very pretty, just behind Rona's.

That leaves Momoka and Rona. Now, to support Momoka's side, she has never been the main character for any event at all. This proves as the perfect oppurtunity to make her so. However, to support Rona's side, she can be seen in a differnt pose than the other girls, clutching her heart and smiling. This might conclude that Rona may be the main character for the event, as this difference may be used in a storyline.

In the end, Rona is 55%, Momoka is 45% and Hime is 5%.

(UPDATE: Rona was never in any significant event either, rather than PR, so I really won't count that in, thus raising Rona's chances by 10% from 45 to 55)


Normally Mini-Unit attributes are either Player, Variety Show, Dance, or Model. And already knowing that P, D, and M are taken up they are all out, which leaves Variety Show. BUT, Bokura Wo Aozora ni Naru was Variety Show before, as well as it is the second most recent song. Because of this, SAKURA may end up being Vocal, which is the only one left after 5 non-Vocal songs. Plus, I know this is off topic, but there is one huge word that stands out to me... PINK!!!!


I honestly did not expect this. I'll upload to you a draft of what I predicted, but holy cow this is way better. I love how Momoka is rocking a braid headband, just like Akari Ozora in Season 4 of Aikatsu (SPOILERS). Hime looks so beautiful too, I see why she is a fan favorite. Haru is Haru, but still decent. But Rona stood out to me. The first thing that came to my mind was Deemo. She is like Alice. It's just so adorable. The best thing though, is that her smile is pure. I have never seen that before, ever. Recently, she has been smiling more, and I love that. I love that she is breaking out of her shell.