Hey guys! Today, to make up for my missing Update Review (Because I'm Moving, oh and P.S. I loved last week without a doubt), I decided to make a Live Song Review, where my opinion comes right after listening. Here we go!


This is where I give my final thoughts before I play the preview. 

To be honest, by the looks of it alone, I love this way more than what WN4 had. The entire style is new and fresh, and the song style that comes of it looks promising. I was more anticipated for this than WN4 just from the looks, and I cannot wait to here it now!


Post Listen

HOLY SMOKES THIS IS AMAZING ALREADY. It sounds cool and sexy and it looks cool and sexy, which are the prime points for Musubi and Susu respectively. This song was also able to balance those two points into each member 50/50, so you got no bias point from each of them.

Also, NO REPEATING PITCH!! That was my problem with Raba X Raba because it made it sound like a PRIZM RIZM ripoff, that's just what I thought. Here, the right pitch and BPM are used to define this song, and beautifully so.

What I Predict

My predictions of the game qualities will be here

Attribute : MODEL  or PLAYER

I chose Model because of it's sexy atmosphere, yet the amazing guitar work also makes it sound like a Player song, too. I am siding more with Model, here.

Difficulty : 8-10

It's a pretty fast-paced song, and the title is "YOU CAN'T WIN", so why not reflect the gameplay on that? Oh god, what am I thinking...

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