I like that, I should stick with it!

Anyways, here is more news!

  • Le☆S☆Ca (Kyoko, Rena, and Honoka) is debuting with 2 new singles, YELLOW and Behind Moon!
  • 777☆SISTERS is coming out with their 6th song, Snow in "I love you"!
  • A new unit is forming with Haru and Kajika called HARU☆JIKA, and their first song is called HARE☆RU!! 

All of this will come out on December 9th!

Here is my opinion :

  • This was once something I thought would never happen. But, now that it is, I feel so amazing to have this game. This is only their first unit with secondary characters, so I really hope for more! But other than that, this was an outstanding set up and I cannot wait for their new singles.
  • I'm just excited all together for this. They now have their winter song! And plus, they all look so cute!!! Kajika and Rona look like cute 'lil babies!!! I love them so much!!!!!!
  • The pair up between Haru and Kajika is something interesting, since they never had big interactions before. I like where the experiment is going, but I'm wondering what this concept will look like. That is a questioning factor.