Here is the T7S News!

  • Our new gacha card is Sisala Kawasumi! She plays off in the volleyball tournament before she joins our event star in the post festival live!
  • With that, our event star is Ei Yukuhashi!! She is pitted against Musubi in a relay and also joins Sisala in the post festival live! Play the BATTLE LIVE EVENT for this card!
  • A daily login bonus will begin for Haru's Android release promo card!

Here is my opinion!

  • I am still waiting on the songs, either the week after next week or December will be full of Live Stage events (I like that!).
  • Both of these cards are very beautiful! However, since it's the first time seeing Ei without pigtails, I hardly recognized her at first sight. Sisala is also very stunning. But in the G Card, oh god, Yumeno.....
  • I originally thought that this was only for android, but now I am very excited! I get to idolize another G Card!

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