This is T7S News! I have also decided to merge Viewing The Deck with this, minus the scoring.

  • In celebration of 770k players, THERE WILL BE A 2 WEEK CAMPAIGN. This includes free 7th Coins, half SP usage, and 1.5x group lessons!
  • New cards that have been added into the Gacha : PS Shizuka and G Shirayuki! Shizuka is enjoying cupped ramen for the first time, and is then seen in her new unit outfit!! As for Shirayuki, she seems to have a bit of trouble picking some apples, but when she's idolized she becomes the very famed Queen Of Hearts!!
  • Our event card is Miwako Azami! She is enjoying the crisp fall with Arisu outside, and when she's idolized, she reveals herself to be a witch! Want to join her on a magic broom ride? Then go on and perticipate in the BATTLE LIVE event!
  • TREAT OR TREAT? Will be available for a Live Stage event on October 21st!

There we have for the news! Here is my opinion :

  • I LOVE THE CAMPAIGN. I will finally finish Hung Fei Xiao's storyline! Oh, I am using the 7th coins for a different reason, to scout for Ps and Gs!
  • Shizuka's card is not that bad, and it is actually a lot better than Haru's card, to be honest. She is very pretty in both cards. As for Shirayuki, she is slaying it! Her stern expression is absolutely adorable!! This is what I personally love about Shirayuki. She can pull anything off and look cute at the same time!
    • Continuing with Shizuka, this confirms one thing, but not entirely for another. Shizuka's card confirms that all of the members will get a card (main unit). This may also allude to another one of their songs coming out soon, maybe like their debut song, but you know, VERY DIFFERENT in my prediction. 
  • Miwako's card is kind of a dissappointment for me. This is just like Echizen's card (did not like it) plus a ripoff of KARAKURI's P card. No, seriously, look at the two pairs and find every comparison there is. I am most likely going to play for tickets. I'll save one or two for the next event.
  • I like where the song is going. Plus, the character images look like they are in good card quality. That is what I think, not that it will really happen, but it would be cool!

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