Here is T7S News!

  • Our news G Cards in the gacha are from 4U!!! We have Ume and Emoko thrown into the gacha! Emoko is the head comittee of a school festival, while Ume looks more lovey-dovey passionate than usual. As they idolize they are put into their song costumes! 
  • Our event card is none other than Hina!! Hina is prepping the crepe shoppe, but seems to like the crepes a bit too much, :3. As she isolizes, she becomes a cute kitty, which is also her song costume too! This is the card for the TREAT OR TREAT? event!
  • As our 2nd part of the campaign begins, we will get a new background, and the Hello... my friend scenarios!

Here is my opinion :

  • First with Ume, wow she is beautiful. I never thought she sould pull something like that off! She looks amazing in her idolized card too! As for Emoko, the exact same thing, minus that it looked pretty predictable.
  • HINA IS SO CUUUUTTEEE!!!!! I really want this card so bad, thanks for making this the event, Donuts!!! 
  • Oh my goodness.... I was right.... I WAS RIGHT!!

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