Here is the T7S News!

  • Madoka Enami makes her return into the gacha making a Halloween treat! Once she is idolized she becomes a vampire! Dracula cosplay!
  • Our event card is Tomoe Shiratori! She is seen trying some new accessories... but then, when idolized.... SHE IS THE DARK LORD!!!! Earn this card is the BATTLE LIVE EVENT!
  • 7th Coins will be handed out! And all live stage songs will be up for play!

Here is my view :

  • I did not expect her, but wow, she is actually looking good! Madoka makes a cute vampire!
  • OH MY WOW. TOMOE IS BACK AFTER LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! She looks awesome. Seriously though, I can't play the event.... I have to study. I'll play for tickets, but the card will be near impossible to obtain. This is a lot better than what I hoped for, and this actually turned out to be my favorite card from her yet. I just wish this wasn't the event...

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