Welcome to T7S News!

Before we start, I am officially starting a series called Viewing The Deck! I take a look at the new cards coming after maitenence, and give my views on them. This will start right after this blog.

  • For some unfortunate news, The Referral Campaign has come to a temporary end.
  • However, to lift your spirits, scouting gives you double XP!!!! Get ready to level up!
  • Alright, this week, the cards are very diverse, so I am going to be telling you about the latest offers seperately.
    • First off is Chacha Ootori who in her G Card is quietly reading some books at her home. Apparantly it used to be a library! After you idolize her, we see detective Chacha followed by her accomplice none other than Momoka! Chacha is enjoying this very well.
    • Next we have Tomoe Shiratori (FINALLY) as she reviews her performance in her G Card. We all wish her luck! And then our GS gives you Tomoe relaxing by the beach for a special photoshoot. She is as cute as ever!
    • And lastly we have our BATTLE LIVE event card with Sawori Yamai. In her G Card, she shows off a collection of all of her cute bandages! They are pretty indeed! And lastly for her GS Card she is a special guest at a show for the rescue force! Wait a minute, what's that on her dre... HOLY SMOKES SHE'S ON FIRE!!

There we have it for this week, see ya' later shihainins!

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