Welcome to T7S News!

  • First off, the move to Friday is only for this week, I just found out.
  • -Zero will be available tomorrow!! After the live event, those who reach level 42 will unlock the song. The preview is absolutely majestic.
  • Sorry guys, no KARAKURI P this week.... HOWEVER, we have 3 very cute G cards for Risyuri Maezono, Makoto Tamasaka, and Tasha Romanovsky! Makoto and Risyuri are the new gacha and Tasha is the new event card. We see a lovely display of the girls enjoying themselves at the resort! As well as in their GS Cards:
    • Risyuri is promoting a new mushroom treat, and sje seems to enjoy it very much!
    • Makoto is performing in front of thousands, we hope she had a great time!
    • Tasha is leading the brass band! March on, Tasha!
  • As celebration for the new song, 100 7th Coins will be handed out every day for a week, starting today!
  • You can also scout for Coneys this week!

That is it for this week, tune in to Viewing The Deck very soon. See 'ya later shihainins!

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