Welcome to T7S news!

  • First off, THIS is the week where you can audition for Coneys. Sorry, slipped up.
  • This week will be featuring cards for Kazumi Katsuragi, Mimi Futagawa, and Miu Aihara as they enjoy the month of the rabbit in special costumes! Mimi and Kazumi will bethe gacha while Miu is the main character for a raid event!
  • We will have our new line of Special 7th Gacha Cards!
    • VOCAL : Musubi Tendoji
    • PLAYER : Hime Nonohara
    • VARIETY SHOW : Monaka Kumomaki
    • DANCE : Rena Araki
    • MODEL : Shizuka Kuonji

And there we have it for the week! See ya' later Shihainins!

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