Welcome shihainins to another Update Review!

New Card In The Gacha!

  • Jedah Attempts Origami!
    • I... can relate, XD. Our G Card is Jedah attempting origami! Then we see her in cowboy attire for her fabulous GS Card! I, seriously, yes, I first said this, without even knowing it was cowboy attire thought MJ. The pose was what set it off for me. I like this card, it's just like any other Jedah card, Bold And Beautiful!

​Event Card

  • Rona Grows Brave!
    • Oh my god, here we go!! Here we have Rona finally up for the stage, filled with determination. And our GS Card shows Rona's LoverxLover Outfit! Sadly, the ATK is much lower than I thought, but it's actually manageable, I can certainly do something with it, unlike Honoka. ALso, her story had really brought me to inside tears. that was so heartwarming...