Welcome shihainins to another review!

New Card In The Gatcha

  • Rui's SH Card!
    • Yet again is another P Card for Seventh Haven, this time it's Rui! Staring into the light, and then being in the light! I personally found her VERY GOOD LOOKING in BOTH of these cards. She looks awesome!!! If I were to pick any card out of the 3 released right now, based on looks alone, I'd pick her.

Event Card

  • Momoka.... Sleeping?
    • This is the Performatch Event G Card! Momoka is our next idol released for LoverXLover! She is instantly awakened once she idolizes! :3 I know this is another low ATK card, but at the same time, I still really like it. I like hers with a low ATK more than Rona's because it fits her kind of character. She is meant to be the Anzu-esque, sleepy, lazy, sweets loving girl who would rather be watching anime. This is fine! I'll take that kind of card any day, because it gimmick-wise works. Oh and P.S. Thanks to Donuts for making the point requirement to get Momoka lower, I NEED that kind of thing.

Just One More Week....

  • Until LoverXLover Comes Out!
    • I am ready to see what this brings because I did not honestly expect this at all. I really like the style of the outfits, and hopefully the preview comes out soon. I doubt it though unless they keep the shilouettes during the preview.
    • With Momoka for this week's event, that means HIME is our Live Stage Event card! I know this will be worth it, because With 2 weeks of low ATK, this one has to be THE HIGHEST ONE out of the 4. Plus, same thing with Momoka, it fits her character. Hime is the tsundere-like tomboy who has worked hard for a long time, a high ATK would be normal in her cards.
    • The attribute that I think this will be is either dance or variety show. The one that I beg for is Variety Show, because by the looks of it, this attribute is perfect. 1/2 of the members are V.S. attribute. The outfits look a lot more character-like than their last 2 singles. It would be perfect for this one to be a V.S. song! Actually, it's because by the time I idolize it, I will have a full set of V.S. cards for a group, and I just want to experience the accomplishment of finally getting a full attribute team for a performance.