Welcome to another episode of Update Review!!

First, I would like to apologize for missing an episode last week, but here is 4 words to sum up my opinion :

GREAT.... Until it passed.

Ahhh, now that last week's lesson teaching week went by (don't judge a book by its cover), let's get to this week!


  • Not from who you think it is....

It's the PRODUCER!! Of course, this is an April Fools CD, but come on, I think we should all give this guy a chance here! IDOLM@STER did it so well a few years ago, I'm sure this shouldn't be bad. [Migratory Bird] releases April 1st!!

Gacha Card

  • Makoto embraces the cherry blossoms!

In the gacha card of the week, we have Makoto standing in a swirl of cherry blossoms! As she idolizes, she joins Sisala in a sakura festival! I like this one a lot too, just like Sisala's card, but more.

Event Card

  • Risyuri!

This card set is very interesting, the original G Card shows her worrying over Sui, but in the end a heartwarming hug makes the GS Card. IF ONLY THIS WEREN'T A RAID EVENT!!  This was a really good set, and if it were not a raid event I would've totally wanted to get this.