Welxome to another episode of Update Review! From here on the reviews will be on Sundays, when I have time.

New Gacha Cards!

  • Sawara's P Card!

In Sawara's P Card, she is trying out the infamous Yakisoba costume! And once she is idolized she joins the rest of 777*SISTERS in 777*STARS! To be honest, Sawara looks very good in that costume, way better than Musubi does 100%, not that I hold anything against Musubi.

  • Manon Lives Her Dream!

In Manon's G Card, she is seen with a gold encrusted toy sword! Once she is idolized, she gets to live her dream as a magical girl, within the theme of the sakura period of the year (April)! She is so cute as a magical girl!! She looks even CUTER in PINK!!! AHHHH!!!

Event Card!

  • Ferb and Withdrawal Syndrome?!?!

In Ferbs's G Card, she is oggling at a guitar that seems very familiar to an old one she used to have. Once she awakens, she has a very happy reunion with her partner! Oh, god, all of the cards are going to be heartwarmingly cute now, aren't they?! ✧∇✧* YAAAASSS!! 

Predictions for Next Week!

  1. Sanpon Ribbon this Month!

I think this because this is the second week of the month we are in right now for events. There is enough time to fit in for a 3 person group. Also, I think it is about time to shuffle the order! Why not? ;)

 2. The Next Set Of Special Cards

VOCAL : Ume Kujou (TREAT OR TREAT? Card)

PLAYER : Ferb Seto (Marble Dress)

VARIETY SHOW : Mimi Futagawa (Bad Driving)

DANCE : Sui Kamishiro (777*SISTERS)

MODEL : Sisala Kawasumi (Sakura Watching)

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