Welcome shihainins to Update Review, Episode 1! This is where I review all of the new things of the game after maitenence! Here we go!

New Gacha Cards

  • Honoka at the Ramen Shop!
    • Our first card is Honoka's G Card set which shows her trying out the carreer of a ramen shop emplyee! This is a nice change from the girly cards that we have seen from her, not that they are bad... okay, I definitely liked other sets more than this one. Along with the dissapointing ATK rate, this is not one of the best sets I've seen lately.
  • Sui Conquering Her Allergy!
    • This is one of my favorite P Cards and it really shows that she has grown! Other than that, her PS Card strongly makes me think of another anime with that pose... Yep, It's Osomatsu San! I love that anime so much and if that was an intentional reference then extra kudos for that!

Event Card

  • Haru's Spring Cleaning!
    • This was a shocker to me. I knew the 2nd album was coming out in June, but oh my god, that looks awesome! Sadly, this is a raid event, so I cannot get it, but I do know that the rest of the cards are going to look awesome! I say this because this is for..... 


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