This is our 2nd episode of Viewing The Deck!

Now, before I start, this has to be the cutest set up ever! I LOVE IT!

Risyuri Maezono

We sart off with Risyuri! We have her first G Card to review... and somehow I still refuse to think she is 17. The colors all match with her atmosphere as well as the designs of her accesories, including the floatie. This card in itself is already a 10. And then we have the GS, Risyuri is advertising a mushroom treat that I now really wish to try. Just like last time, the colors were put in perfectly, and it is nice that it is set as fall and not kept as summer since we are already in September. Honestly this is my absolute favorite pair of hers and I hope in the future that they keep making her cute as ever.

Score : 10/10 Pleased me again!

Makoto Tamasaka

Next is Makoto! With her first G Card, she is SO CUTE..... I like how they keep her timid look, it's subtle, but there. Again, it's very good. The rest of the remarks are the same as Risyuri's G Card, colorful, but in the right way for their own persona. We now have our GS,  where oh my god, this is something Miku would wear!!! As you could already tell, I love this. It's a completely different style, yet it was made for her in a great way. I also love how it drives away from the often mysterious nature to the passionate nature correctly. This was a geat pair of cards for her.

Score : 9.5/10 Not as good as Risyuri's, but still very good.

Tasha Romanovsky

Lastly is Tasha, because A) She is the event card and B) SHE IS MY BABY!!!!! Anyways her G Card includes her enjoying a ride down a big waterslide! Man, I really wish that I lived during those times.... anyways, this is the cutest thing in the world right now!!! I love her so much!! Alright and now her G Card..... SQUEEEE!!!!! NOTHING HAS CHANGED ABOUT HER!!! Ok, it's getting too much let's just give the score out!

Score : 11/10. This is a one and only occurance, trust me.

So in a crazy twist of events:

Final Score : 10.2/10


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