Welcome to Viewing The Deck! This is my first episode, so it's not perfect yet...

I will review all of the cards and then give a final ranking out of 10. 

Chacha Ootori

Starting off with her G Card. I like the aura surrounding her, the lamp sets the lighting perfectly. I also like how the books in the foreground and background look realistic and it doesn't even look like a cartoon. I do not see any flaw in this card.  It'd lovely. And now, we have the GS Card.  Yet again, perfect aura, looks real. The problem is that I do not like Momoka being an accomplice. Someone like Kazumi would've been a better choice, since she and Chacha match in personality. Other than that, this is a very good pair.

Score : 9.5/10, It was so good until the cameo, but it's only half a point off.

Tomoe Shiratori


Anyways, her G Card is amazing. Keyboards are now hologram projectors?! Awesome!! Also, she looks like a cute tiny wittle munchkin in this card :3!!! I love Tomoe so much! This card has now revived the love! And then her GS card.... Squeeeeee! She is so beautiful! This is not like 777☆SISTERS, this is much more than them. Yet again, she is my cute wittle munchkin for a reason! The sands are so crystally and sparkling and the skies are so beautiful too! I love everything in this pair.

Score : 10/10, if only it were an 11.

Yamai Sawori

The final pair, here we go.

Her G Card is very cute. First, I love the bandages. They are adorable and I seriously want them. Also, if you look in the back, all of her dolls have bandages too! (Awww...) At this point, I can see her becoming a nurse when she graduates from being an idol, and all of the little kids will love her. This is what I see in this card alone, it's just so sweet. Our last card is her GS Card, which I only started to notice that she was on fire. I first saw it as 6AM, so I had no idea what was going on, and then when I came home I realized she was on fire. What a great way to blend around with the theme here! Seriously, I hope she is okay after that, but it was a funny way to include injury of some kind. This was a very sweet pair.

Score : 10/10, how is she still alive after having a spotlight smash on her head, bees hunt her down, and her dress getting on fire?!

The final score of this episode is 9.88/10. I seriously loved this deck and I can't wait for more. 

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